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If imprecision has this effect on you,
imagine its effect on lens placement.

Feel the satisfaction of precision with the ZEPTOLink IOL Positioning System™

Precision is key to ensuring optimal outcomes after cataract surgery

The new ZEPTOLink IOL Positioning System™ seamlessly integrates the clinically proven ZEPTO® precision pulse capsulotomy technology with any phacoemulsification system to streamline cataract surgery.

ZEPTOLink™ helps enhance optimal lens positioning by producing precise and strong capsulotomies¹

The ZEPTOLink IOL Positioning System™ is the first and only device that creates an instantaneous capsulotomy with consistent, 360-degree IOL overlap for optimal lens positioning.

REFERENCE 1: Thompson V. Streamlined method for anchoring cataract surgery and intraocular lens centration on the patient’s visual axis. J Cataract Refract Surg. 2018;44(5):528-533.

Choose precision with ZEPTOLink™

Ask your doctor if ZEPTOLink™ Assisted Cataract Surgery is right for you.