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Precise capsulotomies are important to the success of cataract surgery, even more so when implanting specialty lenses.1,2 The latest evolution of ZEPTO® offers unparalleled precision while increasing efficiencies in your OR.

Manual CCC
Consistent circular shape
Consistent size with 360° IOL overlap
Rolled, strong edge
Visual axis centration
Efficient integration into surgical workflow
Cost-effective procedure

True patient fixation

Compared to a CCC, which approximates or does not specify the point of fixation, the ZEPTO® capsulotomy is centered along the visual axis intracamerally using Purkinje images.

Patient fixation is used to determine the true visual axis.

1. Select and use one eyepiece with co-axial light.

2. With the ZEPTO® tip recircularized in the anterior chamber, instruct the patient to fixate on the surgical microscope light coaxial to the selected eyepiece.

3. Identify P1 (and P4) Purkinje images. Position the center of the nitinol ring on P1.

Uncompromised outcomes for your patients and practice


Predictable effective lens positioning promotes more consistent outcomes2-5

Well-formed capsulotomies with a 360° IOL overlap may encourage a stable IOL position and minimize6:

  • Posterior capsular opacification
  • Asymmetric anterior capsule contraction
  • IOL tilt
  • Late decentration of the optic

Enhances efficiencies in your OR

  • Procedural flow similar to standard cataract surgery
  • Significantly lower capital equipment and procedural costs than FLACS

In a 2018 national cataract survey, patients said their primary concerns were:

  • Avoiding complications during cataract surgery
  • Achieving good long-term vision after surgery

What other surgeons are saying about ZEPTO

“The changing landscape in cataract surgery has increased the demand for precision. When it comes to the key step of creating the anterior capsulotomy, what once was good enough is no longer good enough.”

Vance Thompson, MD

Sioux Falls, SD

“The beauty of this device is the creation of consistent and strong capsulotomies that achieve an excellent overlap of the IOL. This promotes effective lens positioning and precision of refractive results.”

Iqbal Ike K. Ahmed, MD

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Refractive outcome shouldn’t take a back seat in combined cataract/glaucoma cases–a perfectly round, centered, strong capsulorhexis goes a long way toward that goal. Thanks Zepto!”

Matthew Brink, MD

Miami, FL

“I’ve been using Zepto since it was first available. It has increased my refractive accuracy in almost all accounts. Zepto also makes my complicated cataract cases, such as white mature cataracts and small pupils much safer, easier and quicker. My patients deserve the highest standard of care and I personally feel that my standard of care is higher due to my use of Zepto. It has been a tool that I don’t feel I can do cataract surgery without at this point.”

Dr. Jason Friedrichs

Fort Myers and Naples, FL

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