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What are cataracts and how are they treated?


Cataracts are a common vision condition and a natural part of aging.

When you have cataracts, the crystalline lens in your eye hardens and stiffens – clouding your vision. This loss of vision can affect your ability to enjoy almost everything you do, from reading and driving to hobbies and computer work.

To help restore your vision, surgery to remove and replace your natural crystalline lens is required. In a 2018 survey, cataract patients said that their main concerns were avoiding complications during surgery and achieving good long-term vision after surgery. With ZEPTO®, your doctor can automate a critical part of the cataract procedure, which helps ensure safety and promotes optimized outcomes for long-term vision.

When it comes to cataract surgery, precise capsulotomies matters.

Before your cataract can be extracted, your physician will need to perform a capsulotomy. While precision is needed at every step of surgery, creating a well-formed capsulotomy is a fundamental step to ensuring that you get the most out of your new intraocular lenses.

How is a capsulotomy performed?

During the capsulotomy, the top of the capsular bag—this is what holds your natural lens in place—is carefully removed so your physician can access and remove your cataract.

There are different methods to create a capsulotomy but when it comes to precision and efficiency, ZEPTO® surpasses the rest.

Manual Capsulotomy

Performed by hand, your surgeon tears an opening in the capsular bag.

It can be difficult to create a perfectly circular shape. Imperfections in the capsulotomy may cause adverse effects for your vision over time.

Laser Assisted Capsulotomy

Your surgeon uses a laser to create an opening in the bag.

The equipment used for laser-assisted capsulotomies take up a lot of space and must be placed in a separate room. This causes the procedure to take more time.


ZEPTO® automates the capsulotomy process.

With ZEPTO®, your doctor uses a micro-sized handpiece to create a precise, circular capsulotomy on your visual axis.

The ZEPTO® Advantage

ZEPTO® allows your surgeon to create a circular capsulotomy in just 4 milliseconds.

Choose precision. Choose ZEPTO®.

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